About Me

I’m a writer, lecturer and researcher working on Kaurna Yerta in Adelaide, South Australia. I got my PhD in creative writing from Flinders University, producing an essay collection about David Foster Wallace, his fandom, and the #MeToo movement. During this time, I was also a 2017/18 Fulbright postgraduate scholar at the University of Texas, Austin, and Illinois State University. I am on the board of the International David Foster Wallace Society and an associate editor for The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies.


All my writing is done with the intent to communicate with you. And all of it will be available here on my site for download, using a pay-what-you-can-or-think-is-fair system.


I have a background in mentoring, copywriting for websites, editing academic and creative work, and teaching English and Creative Writing. I’m also open to collaborating with people on projects, so hit me up if you have something in mind. And of course, please get in touch if you just wanna say hello! I’m not big on social media, but I’m pretty consistent at answering emails.